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Year 6 spend a week in France - 23 November 2009

Once again year 6 had a fantastic time in France with many exciting stories to tell and adventures to remember.

France was a great trip. For many of us a highlight of our time at Meath Green Junior which is a big deal as we had a great trip to Carroty Wood too.
It was a great chance to see where the battle for Europe was fought that linked in to the work we had done on WWII. The visit to the Peace Memorial and the War Cemetery in Bayeau was awesome and moving at the same time, it helped put it all in perspective.
It was also a chance to see France for the first time and see what makes the French… French! We had a day at a cheese farm and bakery where we made bread and milked goats and tasted their milk, yum! I cannot believe how similar it is to cow’s milk, it is supposed to be healthier too. We saw cheese being made and tasted different varieties.
We stayed in a French run centre which meant we got a real French experience. We drank our hot chocolate from French bowls at breakfast and they cooked us a great barbeque on the last evening. Merci beaucoup!
Our trip to the French school was fantastic. We met and made friends with French children our own age, some of us have swapped addresses and are pen pals.
The best bit for most of us was the visit to the French Market where we had to practice our French to help us buy simple ingredients to make a French lunch. It was also an opportunity to spend some of our money to buy souvenirs. When we got back to the centre we made our lunches. It was a competition where the teams were marked on presentation, healthy content and team work. WE WON!!
Of course there was the beach. It was right next door to the centre.
We played there in the evenings. Beach cricket, volleyball, sandcastle competition, burying the pupil competition, it was great. And of course watching the sun go down at the end of a glorious day!