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Year 3 put rocket into orbit!! - 06 March 2009

Blast Off! The Rocket heads for the stars

As part of an exciting science lesson, year 3 children helped launch a solid fuel rocket from the school playground that could now be in orbit!


Sam Wilberforce, a Physics teacher at Trinity School Croydon and the father of Miss. Wilberforce kindly brought the rocket and other launching equipment to our school to take part in a very unusual demonstration. A small, two foot high rocket propelled by solid fuel and held in place by its own launch pad kept the children spell bound and they had lots of questions for Mr. Wilberforce to answer. Space, gravity, satellites and UFO’s were all discussed as well as the practicalities of taking their pets into space!


After all the usual safety checks had been done the countdown started and with all the children shouting ‘Blast-off’ the small rocket streaked skyward trailing a plume of smoke hundreds of feet in the air. As the fuel ran out we think the rocket headed back to earth, floating gracefully from a parachute recovery system.


Unfortunately the small missile achieved such height it was caught by a strengthening wind and disappeared over trees and houses adjacent to our school grounds.


So if you live locally and find a small red rocket with the words ‘CODE RED’ emblazoned on the side please contact the school. However, if it successfully escaped the earth’s gravity it may be making an unexpected visit to the NASA International Space Station! Watch this space!!