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Year 3 & 4 meet author at Horley Library - 18 March 2011

Children enjoy traditional Chinese paper cutting

Continuing our connections with Horley Library, 30 year 3 and 4 children visited the library to meet storyteller and author Margaret Bateson-Hill. This was part of Surrey Libraries 2nd Children's Book Festival. They listened to the story of Lao Lao, then took part in a paper cutting activity and wrote a description of their own dragon. They were all very enthusiastic and enjoyed the visit very much.   

One of three original stories written by Margaret Bateson-Hill using a traditional folk story style. Each story is based on a traditional craft, and this one set in China, focuses on Chinese paper cutting. Lao Lao becomes famous for her beautiful paper cuts. When the Emperor hears about her skills he has her locked in a tower and demands that she fills a treasure chest with paper 'jewels'. However, the greed and cruelty of the Emperor arouses the Ice Dragon of the mountain, with spectacular consequences