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Meath Green Junior School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

Viewers Pictures

Picture 1 Fun in the snow at MGJ
Picture 2 Jacob Wynne 4W
Picture 3 Jacob Wynne 4W
Picture 4 Naomi Walker (6NH)
Picture 5 Naomi Walker (6NH)
Picture 6 Abigail Dowd (3A)
Picture 7 Konrad Kasprowicz from 6 NH and Marcel Kasprowicz
Picture 8 Ben Holmwood 6NH & Mikey yr 5
Picture 9 Ben Holmwood 6NH
Picture 10 Jack Bacon 5HW
Picture 11 Jack Bacon 5HW with Bailey
Picture 12 Jack Bacon & Bro
Picture 13 Jack Bacon & Bro
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16 Lauren Dowd & her sister playing in back garden
Picture 17 Lauren Dowd & her sister class 5SW
Picture 18 Snow Angel
Picture 19 Niall Bennett, Thomas Day
Picture 20 Charlie Clark, Thomas Day, Niall Bennett, 4w
Picture 21 Sam& Michelle Horley Community Pre-School
Picture 22
Picture 23 Mikey class 5HW and Ben Holmwood year 6
Picture 24 Emilie Mardell making a snow angel - 5F
Picture 25 Meath Green Lane
Picture 26 Junction of Meath Green Lane & Greenfields Road
Picture 27 Jessica 5F and Jensen Hills having fun
Picture 28 A snowy Gower Road, Horley