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Religious Education (RE)

At Meath Green Junior School, our children explore and learn about different religious traditions and beliefs from within their own community and around the world.

Through the teaching of RE, we enhance children’s respect and consideration for all beliefs as well as developing their critical, ethical and moral thinking. With a focus on festivals within our spiral curriculum, it enables children to gain a positive attitude towards world religions through exploring different cultures. Our thematic units allow the children to extend on their generosity and empathy through opportunities to share their own real-life experiences.

Through the implementation of the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey Schools, we aim to inspire and challenge pupils through engaging questions and developing their knowledge and understanding of all major faiths.

As children leave Meath Green Junior School, they will have developed a positive self-image of themselves, as well as that of members of our school and our local community. Their experiences will help with their understanding of how RE is relevant to their lives now and in the future.