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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school

Leadership team

Mrs Beasley


Mr Amerio


Mr Newell

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Covell SENCO


Office, Admin and Pastoral teams

Mrs Gurney

Senior Office Administrator

Mrs Walker

Office Administrator

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding concerns

Miss O'Driscoll

Pupil Mentor

Ms Mariner

Home/School Link Worker

Mrs Stone

School Business Manager

Mr Budd

Premises Manager

Mrs Chester-Williams Forest Schools


Year 3 team

Mrs Tubb and Mrs Moore

Year Group Leaders, 3TM Class teachers

Mrs Duncan

3TM Teaching Assistant

Mrs Williams

3S Teaching Assistant

Miss Sturgess

3S Class teacher

Mrs Karn

3S Teaching Assistant

Mr Rouch

3R Class teacher

Mrs Beale

3R Teaching Assistant

Mrs Spearman

3R Teaching Assistant


Year 4 team

Miss Cliff

Year Group Leader, 4C Class teacher

Mrs Gonzalez

4C Teaching Assistant

Miss Rodd

4C Teaching Assistant

Miss Miles

4M Class teacher

Mrs Shehan

4M Teaching Assistant

Miss Somers

4M Teaching Assistant

Miss Davis

4D Class teacher

Miss Seldon

4D Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ingram

4D Teaching Assistant


Year 5 team

Mrs Barthrope

Year Group Leader, 5B Class teacher

Miss Bennett

5B Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dove

5B Teaching Assistant

Miss Lowson

5L Class teacher

Mrs Powell 5L Teaching Assistant and  Reading Interventions

Mrs Jones

5J Class teacher

Mrs Scales

5J Teaching Assistant
Mrs Stovell 5L Teaching Assistant


Year 6 team

Miss Gill

6G Classteacher

Mrs Brittain

6G Teaching Assistant

Mr Taylor

6T Class teacher

Miss Sorrell

6T Teaching Assistant

Mrs Budd

6T Teaching Assistant

Mr Dann

6D Class teacher

Mrs Romo

6D Teaching Assistant

Mrs Constable 6D Teaching Assistant/SENCo Admin

Mrs Elliott

Maths teacher


Other members of staff

Mrs Cathcart

Interventions HLTA

Mrs Leadley Midday Supervisor
Mrs Fleming Midday Supervisor
Miss Jeapes Midday Supervisor
Mrs Hunt Catering Manager
Mrs Hammond Catering Assistant