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Digital Leaders

What are 'Digital Leaders'?

Digital Leaders are children with a skill and interest in computing, keen to share their knowledge with others, and promote the use of all things digital throughout the school community. It can be a fantastic opportunity for children to take on responsibilities and develop both their team work and communication skills.

Digital Leaders meet with Mr Rouch at least once every week where they discuss issues like online safety, tech in the school and are trained up to earn different badges in their Digital Leader badge book.

How are they chosen?

After an assembly about Digital Leaders, children applied for the role explaining why they were a suitable candidate for the job. One child from each class was then chosen for the role. 

What have they done recently?

  • On 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday 6th February, the Digital Leaders presented an assembly on online safety.
  • They have designed their own Digital Leader badges to raise their profile in the school.
  • They have sent code to space for astronauts on board the ISS to see as part of the European Astro Pi Challenge 2023/24.