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Committee Structure

Resources Committee

The Resources committee has delegated responsibility for:

Finance Related

  • To establish and review the school’s Finance policy and ensure compliance with it
  • To ensure that MGJS operates within the financial requirements of the LEA and DfE
  • To draft, in consultation with a Headteacher, the annual school Budget and recommend to the Full Governing Body (FGB)
  • To review and approve expenditure recommendations
  • To establish and maintain an up to date three year plan
  • To review school expenditure monthly and report to FGB on termly basis
  • To review and approve decisions in respect of service agreements
  • To allocate and monitor appropriate use of resources to support the School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Premises Related

  • To advise the FGB on priorities, including health & safety and disabled accessibilities for the maintenance and development of school premises and recommend expenditure
  • To oversee arrangements including health & safety for use of the school premises by outside users subject to policy
  • To establish and review a Building Development Plan in support of the SIP

Personnel Related

  • To maintain all policies relating to personnel including Pay Policy and Staff Appraisal Policy for all categories of staff
  • To ensure compliance with above policies
  • To draft and review staffing structure with a Headteacher as required
  • To oversee appointment/dismissal procedure for all staff
  • To keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well being including monitoring of staff absences

Strategy Committee

The Strategy committee has delegated responsibility :

  • to review the governing body’s strategic framework and plans for the medium and long term and agree items for the next meeting(s) of the Committee.
  • to keep under constant review the standards of achievement of the pupils in the school.
  • to keep under review the long-term targets of curriculum development.
  • to discuss and decide, with the senior leadership team, tasks which have to be dealt with on an annual basis – including the preparation and delivery of the school improvement plan focusing on the three-year element of the SIP.
  • to keep under review matters relating to external influences.
  • to be available and respond to matters of particular difficulty, sensitivity or emergency and offer advice to the headteacher.
  • to review provision of resources with reference to the SIP.

Learning and Standards Committee

The Learning and Standards Committee has delegated responsibility for:

  1. Monitoring and evaluating progress in achieving targets and the objectives identified in the School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  2. Monitoring standards and progress in all areas of the school’s work relating to children and their learning including:
    1. Outcomes of Senior Leadership Team (SLT) observations to include planning and provision for specific groups
    2. Impact of intervention strategies
    3. Progress of vulnerable groups
    4. Curriculum and personal level
  3. Monitoring those areas of self evaluation and review including the whole school Self Evaluation, related to the work of the committee.
  4. Reviewing the school’s Teaching and Learning Policy and other related curriculum policies as appropriate.


  1. Review in detail the school’s progress and attainment data including the results of KS2 tests.


  1. Agree targets and outcomes for all pupils and groups in all year groups to include Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), Free School Meals (FSM) and More Able.


  1. Annually review, monitor and ensure compliance with the following statutory policies:
      • Behaviour
      • Collective Worship
      • Home School Agreement
      • Religious Education
      • Relationship and Sex Education
  2. Reviewing reports from governor visits and ensuring follow through of any actions.

Health and Safety Committee

The Health & Safety Committee has delegated responsibility: 

  • To provide support and guidance to the head teacher and other staff on all matters relating to the health & safety and security of the School Staff, Premises and Grounds.
  • To carry out termly inspections of the premises and grounds and prepare a statement of priorities for Security, Maintenance and Improvements as well as a formal risk assessment using the Defect/Action Log for submission to the Governing Body. Any identified hazards to be brought to the attention of the schools finance and administration manager to enable corrective actions to be put in place.
  • To ensure that the school’s premises and grounds comply with Surrey County Council’s Health & Safety Regulations and that all other relevant legislation is complied with.