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Charity Fundraising

2022-2023  Meath Green Fundraising

Pupils at the school have always been keen to get involved in raising money for good causes. As a school, we believe this helps our pupils learn about important causes and issues that affect the world around them and allows them to feel they can do something which has a positive impact in helping to ease or solve these problems.

In the summer term, our Yr 6 organise an annual charity morning where the pupils plan and organise stalls to help raise money for causes that they decide to support - these are normally causes that are close to their heart. For example, Crawley Open House, which supports the homeless of the locality, St Catherine’s hospice, which offers support for terminal illnesses.

While we are also are keen to help in national fundraising with charities such as Children in Need and Red Nose, we are keen to fundraise and let our pupils through our school parliament decide where the money we have raised goes.

2022-2023  Meath Green Fundraising



Yr 6 Charity Day


£719 split between

£319 - PSDS Down Syndrome charity

£200 - St Catherine’s hospice

£200 - Lucy Raynor Foundation

Yr 5 WaterAid


Disasters Emergency Committee:

Turkey and Syria earth quake


Epilepsy Action


Comic Relief


Disasters Emergency Committee:

Pakistan Floods


Save the Children


St Barts church spire


Crawley Open House