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Challenging our More Able Pupils

At Meath Green Junior School all our pupils are challenged in their learning.  Our lessons and learning opportunities across the curriculum;  are carefully planned and resourced to ensure all pupils are given opportunities to develop new skills and develop understanding in a variety of ways.  Variation is a fundamental aspect of teaching and learning and through making links pupils are able to explain their ideas more clearly, apply their learning in a variety of contexts and ultimately have a deeper and more secure understanding.

All pupils know that challenge and a positive growth mindset is the key to successful learning and making mistakes is vital if learning is to take place.  Higher skilled pupils are expected to develop higher order skills such as evaluating, summarising, reflecting, generalising, creating, proving true/false and predicting whilst they are learning. 

The Brilliant Club (The Scholars Programme)

Some Pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 are given the opportunity to take part in The Brilliant Club.  14 pupils are selected to take part on an annual basis.  Pupils are chosen following a strict criteria as set by the Scholars Programme.

It is a programme that places university researchers (Phd tutors) in schools.  It also involves two visits to a university, one for their graduation and the other as an introduction of what life is like at university.  

The Phd tutors teach university style  tutorials in groups of up to seven pupils.  Many of these are lecturers to students at university level, so it is a unique opportunity for pupils to experience university-style teaching.

Pupils involved work on a 'super-curricular' course that explores topics they may not usually study in the school curriculum.  At the end of the programme they will complete a final assignment, challenging them to work above their current key stage.

Following a number of face-to-face tutorials the children write a 1000 word assignment on the chosen course.  Past subjects have been The Heart, Vikings - Friend or Foe? and Power to the People.