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At Meath Green Junior School our Behaviour Policy reflects the belief that children learn and thrive when they are healthy and safeguarded from harm. It has been developed in conjunction with pupils, parents, governors and staff.

Respecting others, working attentively, cooperating and avoiding conflict, through being empathetic and inclusive, are the key principles upon which this policy is based. It is our belief that through an appropriate curriculum and effective teaching for learning, we will engage pupils and encourage good behaviour through making good choices. All measures within this policy support the prevention of bullying and promote pupil wellbeing.

Zones of Regulation

All pupils are introduced to proven strategies through our Zones of Regulation (ZoR) initiative to help them to regulate their emotions and better deal with difficult situations successfully.

Restorative Approaches

At MGJS we use restorative approaches to deal with, and improve negative behaviour.  Why?

  • Restorative approaches help develop a happier school where the focus is on learning not conflict
  • Restorative approaches encourage pupils to think about how their behaviour has affected others
  • It helps children to develop respect, responsibility and honesty
  • To encourage respectful language
  • To encourage pupils to take responsibility for their actions

When our pupils find themselves in conflict or upset we will ask them:-

  1. From your point of view, what happened?
  2. How were you feeling and what were you thinking at the time?
  3. Who has been affected?
  • In what ways?
  • How might they be feeling?
  1. Looking back, how do you feel about things now?
  2. What needs to happen to make things right now?

Restorative approaches has been proven to:-

  • Reduce exclusions, disruptive behaviour, conflict and bullying
  • Improve behaviour, learning and attendance
  • Develop honesty, responsibility, accountability, empathy, emotional literacy, conflict resolution skills and a positive learning environment