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Meath Green junior School Goes Intergalactic


Meath Green Junior School goes intergalactic!

Meath Green’s reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship has resulted in the school being invited to get involved in providing an audio visual production for an international conference on space.

We have been asked to provide a group of children who are able to talk about what they think the future of space exploration is and how it will impact on their lives.

To do this as fairly as possible and to open it out to those pupils who have a real genuine interest in space, we want interested pupils to provide a short piece of work on:

 Why space exploration is important to humankind?

 What they see will be the future of space exploration (what will we achieve)?

 What might the major problems be that we have to overcome to achieve space exploration?

 How will this impact on their lives?

The deadline on this is short as we have been given limited time to find our Space Ambassadors.

We need all entries in by Thursday 7th March by 08.40am as we need to have submitted our video by this Friday!!

Good luck.

Mr Amerio