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Breaking news.......Pancake Race Report!

The pancake race, a fun tradition at MGJS, began at break time on Thursday the 7th of March 2019. A couple of days late we know but it’s Book Week and we have been so busy!  Weather was almost perfect…..maybe a bit windy but that only added to the excitement. Would the pancakes fly away when they were tossed?  Only time would tell! It is always suspenseful but this year it took suspense to a whole new level!

Silence on the playground and then……the race started evenly not a major difference between one team more than another, but as the race went on there became obvious winners but not as obvious as you may think… Blue, taking the lead, zooming up the playground, soon the race took an unexpected turn. Red house now realising how close they were to the lead took their opportunity to sprint in front winning the race once and for all.

Not forgetting the exceptional effort from not only the children but the teachers who played a great part in this event as well. Miss Stemp for red team, Mr Turner for blues, yellows had Miss Miles and last but not least Mr. Rouch in green. The final score was reds in 1st place, blues in 2nd place, yellows in 3rd place and finally green in 4th. We would like to thank the proud supporters of Meath Green from cheering on at the sidelines and the house captains who organised this great event.

By Tommy, Connie, Charlie and Priya – Year 6 Pupils