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France Trip 2010 - 16 June 2010

France trip 17th May-21st May
 By Eloise Hillier, Benjamin Elliott and James Gibbons 


On the 17th May we set off on our 9 hour journey to Houlgate, France. When we saw the centre where we were staying, we all gasped. It was awesome!

We unpacked and settled in to our new home for the week. Minutes later we were called down for the start of our French week diet that we thought would never end!
We sampled traditional cheeses and we always had a privilege to look forward to; the beach!
After spending a good 2 hours on the beach, everyone groaned when it was time to go to bed.
We woke up early to the sound of Mr Amerio’s unpleasant awakenings. The breakfast was always the best meal of the day as it was good old cornflakes and bread with hot chocolate. This was a highlight for the majority of the year group except for a few individuals.
We were split into groups – half went to the cheese farm, the others to a local bakery.
Everyone enjoyed both activities and returned to the centre with a big smile. Once again the dinner wasn’t the best meal the world had ever seen. After dinner we returned to the beach once more and had another perfect ending to this great day.
On the Wednesday we visited a museum, a cemetery and the German Batteries.
Another long day was finished and we were all shattered, but somehow we found enough energy to keep us going and play on the beach for another exciting evening.
In the morning, we visited a market, close to our centre. Our task was to buy and prepare a nutritionally balanced meal which would hopefully win a prize.
Later that day we went to a school in Trouville. We mixed with French children so we could practice our French and they could do the same with their English. At the end we gave them gifts and they prepared a “dance” for us. They jumped around their playground ten times. It was brilliant! Finally, after days of waiting, we were given our first enjoyable meal. For the last time, we revisited the sandy plains of the beach. We were all upset to leave, but eventually, reluctantly, we did.
Unfortunately it was time to leave the centre, and start our monstrous journey home.