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Another record win for sports team



Sports report by reporters Patrick F-J and Leia Clarke

Unusually we travelled to K2 altogether by coach.  As we got arrived we were full of nerves and weighed down with the responsibility of defending our title of District Sports Champions 6 years in a row. We made our way to the track. After we had found our seats, the races began... at the half way point we were level pegging with Yattendon, in fact many of us thought they were well ahead.
Going into the relays we desperately needed the points to win. We got off to a shaky start in the 200m relays, but as we got to the Year 5&6 4 X 200m relays we began to win consistently. By the time we got to the 4 X 50m relays our baton changing was the difference and we were flying! We won every 4x 50m relay (What an achievement)
It was over... We had tried our best. Was that enough? The dreaded results were next, we sat down waiting (very nervous) then they announced the results. We got to the final 2, It was between Meath Green and Yattendon. There was a dramatic pause as the announcer double checked the scores.
“ In second place with 326 points is Yattendon! “ We had won! “In first place is Meath Green with 358” Everyone was going wild , well all of us from Meath Green. We had won it for the 7th year in a row. We returned back to school with our heads held high beaming with joy. Hopefully next year will be the same... 

'Once again the pupils of the school were incredibly sporting and well behaved while being very strong willed and determined to win. Many compliments were given to them for this. Many thanks to everyone who supported the team and to the teachers who coached our children to such a high standard.' Mr. Amerio