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Welcome to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) section of our website.  Here you will find out how we support children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Mrs. Covell is our SENco and she has an open door policy to all parents at Meath Green Junior School. You can contact her through the school office on 01293 784298
or by email at


We have an inclusive, proactive and child-centered approach to supporting pupils with additional educational needs and are supported by the Local Authority (LA) to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their specific needs make the best possible progress in school. We use different interventions and approaches to address specific areas of need when deciding how to support your child. The four ‘broad areas of need’ are Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties and Sensory and Physical Needs. We know how to achieve educational inclusion by:

Identifying and overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment

Responding to diverse learning needs

Setting suitable and aspirational learning challenges for all children


Special Educational Needs reform
As from the 1st September 2014 the Department for Education have introduced reforms to the way support is provided to children with Special Educational Needs. These reforms are very wide reaching and impact significantly on how we work with parents and support children.

Key changes:

Surrey have produced a 'Local Offer'. Surrey's Local Offer includes leisure and activity providers, health and care services, education providers and support groups. The Local Offer simply aims to pull information about available services into one place and make it clear and accessible for you and your family. You can find out more by clicking the link below.




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A maths intervention with a fully trained Numbers Count teacher - Mrs. Sarah Covell
Numbers Count is a highly effective intervention.  It is delivered by a specially trained teacher to children who find mathematics extremely difficult and may not reach Level 3 at the end of Key Stage 2.  It helps them to get back on track and catch up with their peers.  Over 50,000 children have taken part in Numbers Count since 2008, making average Number Age gains of 16 months after 4 months.
There are two versions:

Numbers Count for children in Years 1 to 3
Numbers Count 2 for children in Years 4 to 6 and beyond

Every child has a programme of at least 40 half hour Numbers Count lessons over 3 or 4 months, while continuing to take part in their normal class mathematics lessons.  Teachers decide whether to teach each lesson individually or 2 or 3 children together.

Lessons take place in a dedicated teaching area where children can use a wide variety of resources. The teacher begins by making a detailed diagnostic assessment of what each child knows and then plans an individualised programme to help each one to move forward. Lessons focus on number and calculation, follow a set routine and are rigorous and active. The teacher aims to help each child to become numerate and confident, to enjoy actively learning mathematics and to develop the skills and positive attitudes needed to continue to make good progress in normal class mathematics lessons after completing Numbers Count.
A Numbers Count teacher receives intensive training and support for 2 terms from a local ECC Teacher Leader, and ongoing support thereafter. While being trained, s/he normally teaches 4 children individually per term, every morning or afternoon.  S/he liaises closely with the child’s class teacher to share information about and plan together for the child’s progress, and s/he sets regular homework and meets parents to discuss how they can support their children’s learning at home.