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**No Netball Club 23.1.18 **Tuesday 23rd January-RAF Hendon Trip - please could the children meet in the school hall at 8:30am ---- Spring Term Book Raffle has begun..........get lost in a great book......... Reading at MGJ PowerPoint following Parent Curriculum Meeting is now on the website - Parents, Parents Curriculum Evening

School Tour

Picture 1 Entrance to our school
Picture 2 Reception
Picture 3 Reception
Picture 4 Main Office
Picture 5 Library
Picture 6 Learning & Resource Centre
Picture 7 Rainbow Room
Picture 8 Special Educational Needs Meeting Room
Picture 9 Group Room
Picture 10 Group Room
Picture 11 Medical Room
Picture 12 Year 3 Classroom
Picture 13 Year 4 Classroom
Picture 14 Year 5 Classroom
Picture 15 Year 6 Classroom
Picture 16 School Hall
Picture 17 We have spacious grounds for children to enjoy
Picture 18 Playground quiet area
Picture 19 Years 5 and 6 playground
Picture 20 Years 3 and 4 playground
Picture 21 Adventure playground
Picture 22 Science and Vegetable Garden
Picture 23 Our award winning Sensory Garden
Picture 24 Our swimming pool, used Summer & Autumn
Picture 25 Wild life pond
Picture 26 Wild life outdoor teaching area
Picture 27 Outdoor classroom in the wild life area
Picture 28 Our Daffodil meadow
Picture 29 Our kitchen staff cook great meals on the premises