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Meath Green Junior School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment *****A severe warm weather warning has been put in place for the following week due to the high temperatures we are experiencing. Can you please ensure that your child comes to school with a water bottle and sun hat. Can you also ensure your child has sun cream on at the beginning of the day. Many Thanks.

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mr. Amerio. Joint Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs. Beasley Joint Headteacher
Picture 3 Mr. Newell Assist.Headteacher Yr 6 Leader
Picture 4 Mrs. Stone - School Business Manager
Picture 5 Mrs. Luckett Senior School Administrator
Picture 6 Mrs. Covell SENco
Picture 7 Mrs. Stacey Inclusion Link Worker & Staff Governor
Picture 8 Mrs. Cathcart. Teaching Assistant
Picture 9 Mr. Turner Trainee Teacher
Picture 10 Mr. Burge Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs. Sharp. Teacher
Picture 12 Miss. Rooney Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs.Tubb. Teacher
Picture 14 Miss. Edwards Teacher
Picture 15 Mr. Taylor Teacher & Yr 5 Leader
Picture 16 Miss. Hygate Teacher
Picture 17 Miss. Cliff. Teacher & Yr 4 Leader
Picture 18 Miss. Stemp Teacher
Picture 19 Mrs. Barthrope Teacher
Picture 20 Miss. Lowson. Teacher & Yr 3 Leader
Picture 21 Miss. Rose Teacher
Picture 22 Miss. Miles Teacher
Picture 23 Mrs. Boughtflower Teacher
Picture 24 Mrs. Romo. Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Mrs. Matuozzo. Teaching Assistant
Picture 26 Mrs. Brittain. Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Miss. O'Driscoll Teaching Assistant
Picture 28 Mrs. Powell Teaching Assistant
Picture 29 Mr. Bunn Teaching Assistant & Staff Gov
Picture 30 Mr. Fender Teaching Assistant
Picture 31 Miss. Seldon. Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Mrs. Bunn Teaching Assistant
Picture 33 Mrs. Betts Teaching Assistant
Picture 34 Miss. Somers. Teaching Assistant
Picture 35 Mrs. Karn. Teaching Assistant
Picture 36 Mrs. Davis. Teaching Assistant
Picture 37 Mrs. Hills. Teaching Assistant
Picture 38 Miss. Ledwich. Sports Coordinator
Picture 39 Mrs. Bunn Road Crossing Patrol
Picture 40 Mrs. Hunt Catering Manager
Picture 41 Mrs. Hammond Catering Assistant
Picture 42 Miss. Clements. Catering Assistant
Picture 43 Miss. Cooper Catering Assistant
Picture 44 Helen Duncan Midday Supervisor
Picture 45 Mrs. Igglesden Midday Supervisor
Picture 46 Mrs. Baldock Midday Supervisor
Picture 47 Mrs Hayter Midday Supervisor
Picture 48 Mrs Stubbs Midday Supervisor