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Meath Green Year 6 Evacuated - 09 October 2009



As part of their very successful WWII topic year six visited London last week. (28th September) Dressed as evacuees the children travelled into London by train to visit HMS Belfast and walk along the embankment to view one of London’s wartime icons St Paul’s Cathedral.
The visit to Belfast was inspiring. We all got a great feel for what life must have been like for sailors during their tour of duty. Belfast was on active duty during WWII and was an escort battleship for Arctic convoys who were travelling to supply Russia with provisions. Temperatures we learned often dropped as low as – 30 degrees Celsius!
Life was tough for the crew and they all talk about being constantly tired and cold when escorting the merchant ships on the Arctic convoys.
We had a fantastic talk from the education officer on board who explained what life was like on a serving ship and how young some of the sailors were, many barely 16 years of age.
After this great tour which we highly recommend we lunched on the embankment and then walked along the river to a grand view of a magnificent building, St Paul’s Cathedral, viewing it from where one of the most famous pictures of Wartime Britain was photographed. St Paul’s and the Blitz. Here we sketched and viewed what is a wonderful cityscape.
Our costumes created some real interest.
The Team on the Belfast commented that we were the Best dressed evacuees they had ever received which sits well alongside the comment that we are one of the best behaved schools that visit the ship.
On the train and station platforms many members of the general public stopped to ask us where we were going and what we were doing. Elder people reminisced about their experiences as evacuees.
A fantastic experience for all. Well done year 6 on your outstanding efforts with costumes and your exemplary behaviour. You were a credit to yourselves and the school.

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