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Please remember to bring in your £2.50 for your home/school diary if you have not already done so.

Important Reminders


Attendance at school is crucially important to your child's learning, confidence and sense of belonging at school. Can we please reiterate that unless your child is extremely unwell (not coughs and colds) our expectation is that they will be in school. If your child does become unwell we will contact you. We would also like to remind parents that holidays in term time do have a negative impact on your child’s progress – please do not take the children out during the school term unless exceptional circumstances. 


We want to keep everyone at Meath Green as safe as possible. Please help us in achieving this by picking your children up after clubs from the school gate.

Please help ensure that your child has the correct kit for PE and games. It is cold outside and a tracksuit  or a warm sports fleece/sweat shirt would be a must at this time of year.

We are committed, as a school, to healthy lunches. Could you please ensure that your child’s packed lunch contains healthy options – there are a wide variety of choices available. Please do not include chocolate bars or biscuits. Thank you for your support.

Please can I also remind you that all clothing must be named. It concerns us that we have coats, jumpers, hundreds of ties that are lost, un-named and never claimed.
School holidays and INSET dates for 2017 and 2018 can be found under Parents/ Calendar and the Holiday Dates page  These dates are extremely important as there are changes in legislation that came into effect in September 2013. The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 makes it clear that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. No family holidays will be authorised in term time. 
Annual reminder! Nut alert! We ask you not to send your child in with food containing nuts in any form, including coconut – we have children in school with severe nut allergies.

Once again we are asking you to not drop off children or park on the zig-zag lines outside the school. This is a real safeguarding issue for us as a school and we respectfully ask that you stop doing this. The safety of the pupils at this school is a priority for us all. We are aware that there are parents taking photographs of cars stopping and would ask that you forward these on to the police so that they can speak to the offenders. We cannot re-iterate this enough.

Can we also please ask that if you do park to drop your children off; please turn off your engine as we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Please make walking to school and waiting at the gate a more pleasant environment.

All the children have clearly been told that if the person that they are expecting to meet them is not at the gate or at the meeting point then they should return to the school office or to the teacher at the gate. They must not go with a friend or anyone who offers to look after them.

Just a reminder that children can come into school from 8.40am when the gates are opened. The playground is not supervised until this time. We are aware that there is a “build up” at the school gate so please can you arrange for children to arrive at 8.40am or just after or use breakfast club.
Please inform the school office by 10.00am if your child is absent.

Parent Forum

Briefings are held every half term to provide an opportunity for communication between parents and the school about ways that we can make Meath Green Junior an even better place to learn. A joint decision is made for a topic for discussion. The actual structure of the evening will depend on the focus. There could be table discussions with feedback or a presentation from staff. Notes from the meetings are placed on the website and the Senior Leadership Team discuss the changes suggested. Feedback is given at the next meeting.